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I have the travel bug

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
Prague...because it's where my heart is. I love it so much that I write about it on my blog, http://praguemylove.blogspot.com/

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
My next trip is to Costa Rica in Sept., followed by Barbados in December. I don't really have a dream trip per se... the world is a big place and I want to see as much of it as possible. Every trip is a dream trip.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My passport and camera

Latest Activity
I'm a fan of
    Snowstorm in Brooklyn
    Such a rare sight for us Brooklynites!  During rhe snowstorm of 2010, I just had to take this photo out of my apartment window - ...
    Bubbling brook
    This bubbling brook was the only sound I heard this day - everything was so peaceful after a fresh snowfall
    This was just the nicest day in Vail, and then to reach the mountain top and have a view like this... beautiful
    Snow in Vail, CO
    Before heading down the mountain I had to snap this photo - so serene and unspoiled
    Snowfall in Prague
    When it started to snow in Prague it was just magical!  This was at Christmastime in Wenceslas Square.
    Prague during fresh sno...
    This is such a memorable day for me.  Strolling around Old Town Square when it started to snow...it was so magical, just like the city itself!
    Dog in snow with red ball
    Cert loves to play ion the snow, and on this particular day he decided to bring red ball out to play, too.  I loved how he and the red ball stood ...
    download (12).jpg
    Driving back home from Benesov I came across a section of the road that was stunning - simply serene and beautiful!  
Text Blog
3 years ago
No one loves an open-air market more than I do.  There's just something about it that draws me in...makes me happy.  I never walk away without fresh cut flowers and forest fruits, and I adore watching the local babický choosing their produce for homemade meals.   My favorite open-air market in Prag...
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