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    The locks at the end o...
    The Coal from West Virginia made it's way to Georgetown by the C&O barge tow canal. Mules pulled the barges over 185 miles from Cumberland Maryland...
    Reflections along the...
    Waited it seemed forever to get this photo of just reflections of a bygone era along the mule towing path of the C&O canal. The families who ran th...
    Walking through t...
    My wife seemed to be walking into the past to give comfort and reach through the veil of war and loss. The reflection of her walking seemed to be inside the Korea...
    Paris at night Eiffel To...
    This is the daytime photo that inspired our return to the same place for the night time view.
    Paris Flower shop
    Sand Art Punta Cana
    Gecko on Palm Punta Cana
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