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    Jesus loves the littl...
    Maasai school on Ngorongoro crater rim.  Absolutely gorgeous little girl....I fell in love and wanted to bring her home.
    Terracotta warriors
    Xi'an china...over 7,000 terracotta warriors have been unearthed. They are there to protect Emperor Shihuangdi. They are doing a pretty good job as we have...
    HUH?? huh??
    Middle of the annual wildebeest migration. Sounded like a hundred people saying HUH?? and responding huh?? My husband and I laughed and laughed.
    Room with a View
    View from our tent on the Serengeti. I can still hear, see, smell and taste it.
    Xi'an China
    Spell it out for me!!!
    Beijing China
    Lick You Beer
    One of my favorites!!!!  ;) Beijing China
    Nairobi Kenya
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