About Me

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I love to travel and photograph my adventures. All my photos are taken with a pocket-sized camera!

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
Brasil - Eu adoro Brasil!

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
INDIA! And a year (or two) around the world!

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My pocket camera of course!

Latest Activity
    Summer Afternoon in NYC
    Fountains on the westside of NYC, the Hudson River Park.
    The lights of Shinjuku.
    Cesky Krumlov
    A quiet moment in Cesky Krumlov.
    Blue Mountains
    Australia isn't all just desert and beaches...
    The colors of Burano.
    The Bayon
    The Bayon.
    Angkor Wat
    Angkor Wat
    Torres Del Paine
    Torres Del Paine, Patagonia, Chile
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