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I am a retired high school math teacher, married to a retired high school math teacher. We used to travel only in the summers and mostly in the USA. Now we can (and do) travel in any season. Sometimes we cruise, sometimes we take tours and sometimes we just take off on our own.

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
the next one

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
too many to name.... Our next trip is a tour that includes 5 nights in Italy, followed by a transAtlantic cruise that ends in NYC. We are looking forward to the cruise in to NY Harbour.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
my husband and my pillow....

Latest Activity
    Napili Bay -- Maui
    The view from the grounds of our (rented) condo at Napili Bay --- Maui at its best
    Market Day on Mykonos
    It was market day in Mykonos when our small ship visited there.
    Carrying home a new ove...
    We stopped at a small village on the shores of Lake Atitlan.    ; The big event in town was the distribution of cement blocks so th...
    Schoolboys in Petrozavo...
    We visited a school in this relatively small town in Russia.   It was raining outside, but the kids made up for the gloomy ...
    Market in Thailand
    Our tour stopped at a local market.   These  ladies were two of the vendors...
    Boy and Girl in Chiapa...
    We were in the little town of Chiapas, Mexico when I spotted these two kids...  How could I resist taking their picture??
    The Alhambra -- Spain
    A beautiful sunny day at the Alhambra.   This photo shows some of the countryside around the Alhambra.
    Bridge at Ronda
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