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Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
Czech Republic, Poland, Germany & Ireland- the lands of my ancestors; Malta- great Easter celebration; Iceland- when you just HAVE to have the Blue Lagoon; Bulgaria- great trip to the Black Sea w/ good friends; New Zealand- best campervan adventure ever; Costa Rica- amazing sunsets & breakfasts; Egypt- great trip w/ my brother; And of course - the USA when I moved back home from abroad.

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
Africa - I was supposed to go Sept 14, 2001 and my trip was cancelled following the events of September 11th. I would really like to travel there and finally meet the whale watching captain, vineyard owner and safari guides that I never got to meet. I want to see South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and if I could swing it would also love to visit Vic Falls, Mt. Kili and the gorillas.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My camera

Latest Activity
    Jouster's Staircase...
    Doorknocker in Malta
    Capuchin Convent -...
    Amazing monastery build into rocks using cork, shells and other natural materials
    The Pope's House - ...
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3 years ago
There it was - I saw it shining like a beacon from the self-service kiosk - the yellow available on seat 31J on the 777. That magical exit row seat with legroom galore (and even the “wedge” that you can put your feet up on if you are flying with an accommodating crew) was open.  After a, let’s call ...
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