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A very average middle aged blue collar man, living in central Illinois, with a wonderful wife of 33 years and 2 great kids, (30 and 26 years old) and now 2 grandchildren

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
I don't have a favorite passport stamp BUT my favorite postal stamp is young Elvis ! ! !

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
the south of Spain

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
Camera, GPS and cell phone

Latest Activity
I'm a fan of
    Summer Breeze
    The Gazebo just outside the entrance to the Muni Theater in Forest Park - St Louis, Mo. Imagine setting here on a beautful summer night visiting with frien...
    School Days
    An early 1900's one room school house on Beaty Road about 2 miles north of Highway 72 west of Gravette, Arkansas.
    Harvest time in Central Illinois means long days and short nights.
    Follow That River
    Scenic Highway 59 near Noel, Missouri
    Head'n Home
    A boat scoots along the cove heading home after the last catch of the day. This is from our deck at our cabin at about the  19 mm off Jefferies Rd at...
    Hard Hat Highway
    Highway 59 near intersection of Highway 90 in the tiny little SW Missouri town of Noel  
    Our son looking through the railing of our cabin deck at the peaceful setting sun over the lake at the Lake Of The Ozarks in central Missouri
    Fire In The Sky
    The sunset from Coronado Beach (San Diego Harbor) looking over to Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma. This is just a block down the beach from the famous Hot...
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