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Sam Antonio is an award winning travel photographer from Southern California. His wanderlust has taken him from Elvis Presley's Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Visit my Travel Photography sites:

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iPhone and my Canon cameras

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    Imperial Beach Pier - Sa...
    Imperial Beach or "I.B." is the most southwesterly city in the continental United States. I took this photograph of the Imperial Beach Pier...
    Golden Gate Bridge - ...
    I have photographed countless times from this spot but I never tire of the majesty of the Golden Gate especially at dusk.   ©Sam Antoni...
    Bald Eagle - Homer, Al...
    Bald Eagle in Homer, Alaska. If you have ever seen a photograph of a Bald Eagle in flight more than likely it was photographed in Homer, Alaska. T...
    San Ignacio Lagoon - ...
    San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California Sur home to Baja California's Friendly Whales. The best place on earth to get close enough to touch these friendl...
    Sunset in La Jolla, CA
    Wind 'n Sea Beach in La Jolla, a community of San Diego, is a popular place with local surfers and very territorial. It's also a great place to catch a sunset. ...
    Ocean Blvd - South Bea...
    Art Deco District - South Beach, Miami. Ocean Drive comes alive at dusk with the neon and the pretty people waiting to see and be seen. ...
    Viva Las Vegas!!!
    A view of the Fountains of Bellagio from the Eiffel Tower of Paris, Las Vegas. ©Sam Antonio Photography  ...
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