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Had the travel bug since I was a child and saw my first airplane and just knew it was going to South America. Went to work for Braniff Airways out of College and after it's sunset Braniff International which was a poor substitute for the orginal. Worked for Cruise Agency, Incentive House and with a partner had a hand painted glass business. Retired now and always planning that next trip...

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I'm a fan of
    Dessert Art
    Foung this big fly in Terlingua, Texas. Terlingua is a funky little dusty place that lots of artsy folks collect..
    The Chapel at the Presidio La Bahia in Goliad, Texas. 
    Rockport, Texas
    Sunrise on a foggy morning in Rockport, Texas. The best of the best of the Gulf Coast of Texas. 
    A foggy night
    Fog on the bay in Palacios, Texas
    Reflections of an old Boat House, if walls could talk?  
    Gage Hotel Marathon, Texas has a wall of longhorn skulls on display. Favorite stopping place on long road to Big Bend.
    Shop cat at Wild West Western in Wimberley, Texas.
    Fence of leis
    Found this fench covered with leis on a walk in Waikiki on a recent visit.
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