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I'm a travel bug and have been around the world. I am now settled into San Francisco. I enjoy photography as a hobby and really like this chance to mix both my love for travel and my hobby in one place

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
I don't have a favorite, each one has memories attached

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
Cruise would be ideal or trip on the Oriental Express train following the original route from London to Istanbul

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
Diplomancy and respect for the cultures I visit

Latest Activity
I'm a fan of
    L Boulange en Cole
    La Boulenge en Cole in Cole Valley neighborhood of San Francisco
    Golden Gate Bridge
    The Golden Gate Bridge traffic crossing to Marin from San Francisco. Listed as a National monument it stands strong reminding people of our abili...
    Walking San Francisco
    San Francisco view from the top of Masonic Avenue. St Ignaeous Church and tower from the Golden Gate Bridge in the background
    San Francisco
    San Francisco as seen from Corona Heights.
    Barcelona Sunrise/C...
    Columbus Monument pointing towards the New World in Barcelona.
    Spa Day
    Mendocino California spa doorway
    Doorways in Juarez Mexico along one main road
    Come On Up
    Strange front door up on the second floor without any discernible access? Must be hard to deliver the mail. San Francisco, Roosevelt Avenue
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