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school administrator, tennis player, skier, love to travel and take photos

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
cruise the fjords of norway

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
my swiss army knife

Latest Activity
    Arizona rainbow
    aruba in the evening
    Aruba in the evening
    Break time in Volterra
    Candy stand in Fiesole, ...
    Had to stop and buy some candy. It was over 100 degrees and we needed a sugar charge.
    Sunflower field in ...
    Traveling through Tuscany we passed this enormous field of sunflowers.  We jumped in and had a friend shoot this photo.
    Rooftops in Volterra,...
    Courmayeur, Italy
    On the slopes of scenic Courmayeur, Italy close to the border of France. 
    Buenos Aires
    Dusk in Buenos Aires
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