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I am a high school art teacher who just fell in love with roaming the planet and making images that catch my attention and hope to share them.Have camera, will travel. I love to go to the places where I am the alien. Wherever I have not been, bring me there. The more remote, the better.Let's go!You can see more of my photography at www.jonholtzphotography.comPlease feel free to contact me!

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
China, all five of them.I met my wife there.

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
India and BhutanAlso bringing my wife and two boys back to China to visit her parents.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My Camera and Journal

Latest Activity
I'm a fan of
    Peeling Birch Bark
    Peeling Birch bark in Northern Minnesota in the winter. A beautiful and calm moment.   www.jonholtzphotography.c om...
    Who is watching who?
    An entire troop of monkeys came to our camp on the Tambopato River in Peru. They came in to make noise, eat, and make a mess. Beautiful and curious animals...
    Child in Tanzania
    In a small town in northern Tanzania, this young child was just coming from a church service that was done in Swahili. A beautiful child....
    Shy Child
    A shy school child in the town of Amani in Tanzania
    Looking East
    Looking east from Dar es Salaam over the Indian Ocean www.jonholtzphotography.c om...
    Amazon School Children
    Visiting a small school in an Amazon village about 3 hours from Iquitos.
    Mccaw Wing
    Close Up of a Scarlet McCaw near Puerto Maldonado, Peru.   www.jonholtzphotography.c om...
    School Children ...
    Out for an early walk we came upon these local children in the town of Amani, Tanzania on their way to school.   www.jonholtzphotography.c om...
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