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Visited 45 countries. Amateur photographer, shutterbug-aholic - doctor has diagnosed "shutterbug finger" caused by pressing the shutter so often. It's been loads of fun, visiting, experiencing and photographing all around the world, and then reviewing the photos back at home to remember what it was like. Check out A cheap start to a photo site.

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
River cruise in Europe or safari anywhere in Africa (it'd be our third - and we could do dozens before we tired of Africa).

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
Goretex rain jacket, backpack, camera, lots of memory disks, some immodium and toilet paper. :-)

Latest Activity
    Surf Crashing into Cape...
    Calm, clear day off the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.
    Cape of Good Hope, Sou...
    Surf off the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
    Aruba - Near Natural B...
    While the tourists crowded around what's left of the Natural Bridge, wandered off and took a shot of the rocky north shore.
    Monemvasia, Greece
    To the left, the new town.  To the right, old town and fortress.  Beautiful small old city in Greece.  Large cruise ...
    Sunset over lagoon
    On recent European cruise, had fantastic clouds at sunset over the lagoon in Aghios Nikolaos, Crete.  The old wooden rowboats add charac...
    Quiet canal in Venice, I...
    On a dull hazy day, wandering around Venice, came across this rare quiet and calm canal scene.  Had to stop to take a picture - came out better than I ...
    Sunrise beach jogger wi...
    Sunrise over the beach at Wild Dunes, South Carolina.  Early morning jogger happened by just as I was getting the shot framed - managed to snap a q...
    Beach sunrise
    Sunrise over the beach at Wild Dunes, SC.  Just north of Charleston.  Really awesome being out there, empty beach, just the ocean waves, sun, ...
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