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    Product of the Year
    I saw this in an Albanian grocery store. I didn't buy it, because I wasn't sure if you were supposed to drink it or rub it on.
    In The Caracas Subway
    Caracas outside is an old, dirty, polluted city. The subway system is literally a breath of fresh air. But it's strange, ghostly out of place under the cha...
    Preserved by Lava Ash ...
    This is one of the bodies in Pompeii that has been partially preserved by lava dust. Half the skull is visible. The lower face is still covered in...
    Spyplane(?) in the castle
    One of the weirder displays in the Gjirokastra castle is the shell of a plane that the Communists said was a US spyplane, shot down by the Albania...
    Backyard Bunker Du...
    During Communist times, tens of thousands of bunkers were built all over Albania. Though fallen into disuse, they still remain everywhere. A walk down the str...
    Entranceway to Gjirokast...
    The ancient castle in Albania was also used as a weapons storehouse. The eerily lit entranceway gives you the strange feeling of a mix between 13th Ce...
    Byzantine Ruins in ...
    A World Heritage Site, Butrint has Greek, Roman and Byzantine ruins, all piled next to and on top of each other.
    Gers in the Gobi
    These Mongolian gers (large round tent), move from spot to according to the changing weather and the whims of the tenants.
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