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I'm so obsessed with traveling that I chose to become a teacher just so I'd have at least two months a year to go! I can check off England, Scotland, Wales, Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, France, Cambodia. I'm an Army spouse, vegetarian, tree-hugging liberal, mama to two miniature pinschers, author, amateur cook/photographer and huge fan of HGTV, Ralph Fiennes and french fries.

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
Cambodia. It seemed so odd to stand in line, hand over a $20 bill, then watch a dozen different men look at the picture, smile at me and pass the passport to the next. Finally I got a wink, a signature and I was on my way!

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
Ireland. Being Irish I feel the urge to visit the "motherland". Then again I'm also Russian, German, French, Swiss...

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
I'd never travel anywhere without my passport (duh), credit cards and camera. Everything else can be replaced or bought along the way.

Latest Activity
I'm a fan of
    In Case You Didn't Kn...
    Directions posted on the bathroom wall at a Shinto Temple in Kyoto, Japan.
    Morning Chat
    Two women enjoy a morning chat in Kyoto, Japan.
    Lantern Festival in Kyoto
    A young masked girl is carted through the festival.
    Selling Food in the ...
    Local Vietnamese Woman
    Local Vietnamese woman in Hanoi taking a break.
    Lantern Festival
    The Lantern Festival in Kyoto (March) is beautiful! Tea lights, sculptures, lanterns everywhere.
    Always a Bridesmai...
    A Cambodian bride and her bridesmaid posing for pictures in front of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
    A Korean student smiling for the camera.
Text Blog
4 years ago
NOVEMBER 14 Up at 7:15, showered, ate breakfast and jumped back on Dy’s motorbike. We drove about 35 minutes out of Siem Reap and into the countryside. Saw some interesting things: a woman breastfeeding while riding on the back of a motorbike, a man relaxing in a hammock hanging from a truck while ...
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