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Many years ago I served with the Red Cross in Vietnam, thus the name donut dollie. I have lived in Portugal and Thailand as well. Now I am retired and my passions are travelling and photography. After going almost around the world on cruise ships, I am now back to land travel. I have a Flickr site where I display my travel images. It is Everyone is welcome to visit.

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
All of them and the new exotic ones to follow.

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
I must return to Africa!

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My teddy bear, my camera and all of the electrical stuff that goes with the camera and since I am a senior, a bag of medicine to keep me alive.

Latest Activity
I'm a fan of
    Welcome to San Diego
    The airport in San Diego is downtown and near the bay. It is quite a harrowing experience to land in this beautiful city.
    Sunset Cruise on the Et...
    Always so peaceful in Luxor. Couldn't resist taking sunset pictures every night. ...
    Looking Beyond
    Since this is my image I will give it a symbolic meaning. He probably is looking for a friend but let's hope some moments of his days are filled with dreams for ...
    A View of Cairo
    Cityscape of the area around my hotel which was close to the Egyptian Museum.
    A Pyramid Scene
    It was a beautiful clear day by the pyramids. Some what of a rarity because the sky is usually hazy because of the sand being kicked up in the air with all...
    The Pose
    The folks who make the site of the pyramids their home during the day were very willing to pose for pictures and this man even lined up perfectly in front ...
    Cairo in Blue
    A view form the balcony of my hotel during the blue hour.
    Twice Saved Treasures
    The world watched in horror during the recent revolution in Egypt when it was feared that this famous and grand museum might be burned or completely rand sac...
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