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Currently home is Arizona, but I've moved around a bit and have also been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to travel overseas at various points for work-related trips. This in turn sparked my personal travel interests and now I'm hooked! When traveling and visiting new places, taking photos to document the trip and capture memories is a definite must.

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
Hmmm...the most interesting and substantial have probably been China and Brazil, but Australia has been my favorite country to visit. My last passport was almost entirely full before it expired and now my new passport is empty and needs some serious attention!

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
It's been over four years since I last traveled overseas and I've been going through withdrawals. But I'm heading to the Caribbean island of Anguilla in February 2010 and can't wait!

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My camera, a sense of adventure, and an open mind...

Latest Activity
    At 30,000 Feet
    Looking out the window of an airplane into brilliant blue skies dotted with cottonball clouds inspires me to no end and makes me realize that the sky really...
    Into the Wild Blue Yond...
    Sometimes the journey is just as rewarding as the arrival at your final destination.  The entire travel experience contribut es to the total ...
    Tropical Flowers
    Anguilla, British West Indies
    Caribbean Bus
    A colorful bus with a fun tropical mural provides transportation on the Caribbean island of St. Martin
    Streetside Shopping
    Two local children look on as the customers of this streetside fruit stand go about their business and make their purchases - St. Martin, French West Indies
    St. Martin, French We...
    A local neighborhood scene just a few blocks from the Port of Marigot on the Caribbean island of St. Martin
    Goat Crossing
    On the Caribbean island of Anguilla you are definitely more likely to encounter a few friendly goats crossing the road on any given day instead of the ...
    Anguilla, BWI
    Sun, sand and palm trees...all the main ingredients of a great tropical getaway!!!
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