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I am physicist, and I love photography. As a son of railroad workers in former Yugoslavia I had a free pass on the trains in Europe and I took full advantage of it. I like to see interesting places and meet interesting people from different cultures.

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
Many are on the par, but Italy, Greece, CCCR, France, Dominican Republic, Denmark and Norway stand out.

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
Brasil. I literally have dreams about it.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
List is getting longer with age primarily because the list of medications is getting longer. I love photography so I bring along a couple of cameras with full gear and cell phone. Right attitude comes automatically.

Latest Activity
I'm a fan of
    First date
    Chicago streets come to full life every spring. This is a scene from Sheffield Music Festival on Memorial Day 2010.
    Neptune's rage
    Vermillion Sea or Sea of Cortez is generally quiet but steep rise of the ocean floor near Cabo (Mexico) generates large waves with strong undertow. All in al...
    Rage of the ocean
    Vermillion Sea near Cabo, Mexico. Waves can reach 10 ft height at times.
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Up in the air
    Reflections off the BEAN in the Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois.
    Summit at the BEAN
    BEAN is an interesting object in the Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. It inspires people to do all sort of unusual, silly things. Three girls came fr...
    Sedona, AZ
    Detail from a shopping mall in Sedona. I don't even try to type the name - I'm sure I'll  be wrong.
    Sedona, AZ
    Sedona is an interesting place that offers much more to see than nature.
Text Blog
4 years ago
On the same day I received two offers in mail to visit Vegas. La Mirage offered to stay three nights for free in their newly remodeled resort and Encore offered two free nights. How can you resist? It was the worst time of the year in Chicago: end of cold, dreary winter and moving into cold, dreary ...
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