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    Sweet Potato Fries
    This Busan, Korea, street vendor was cutting fresh sweet potatos and friying them into huge mounds for the hungry crowds he was anticipating during...
    Korean Street Snacks
    These fish were drying in the sun to make what can best be described as fish jerky and sold by street snack vendors in Busan, Korea.  The Jagalachi Fish Mark...
    Kagoshima Greetings
    On a recent cruise arrival into kagoshima, Japan, we were greeted with this lively quartet who were very enthusiasticy playing "When the Saints Go...
    Nagasaki Survivor
    I was thrilled to be able to attend the 65th Anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing in Japan recently.   This gentleman was ...
    Authentic Woman
    I watched this local woman eat her lunch and waited til she turned around resting on the Great Wall for this shot making her look like she was the only one wi...
    The Other Venice
    While the gondolas and vaporettos take more center stage, this is the other Venice for more everyday activities by the locals.  June 2008
    Taj Cleaner
    Remarkably, this cleaner was walking across and empty courtyard next to the Taj Mahal, Agra, India in November 2009.  Out of respect he was wearing the cloth ...
    Sing for your Supper
    This young girl was sitting alone playing the accordian on Ippolito Street in Rhodes, Greece in May 2010.  She had a small cup with nothing in...
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