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My husband and I are independent travelers. We are adventure travelers and seek out interesting cultures, jungles, mountains, and love Africa.

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
Tombuctu, Mali (Timbuktu)

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
Okavango Delta & Kalahari Desert, Botswana; trekking in Nepal on the path to base camp of the south face of Everest (but not going all the way)

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
my camera, many spare batteries & my iPhone.

Latest Activity
    Hoi An, Vietnam, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is charming by day but magical by night.
    Elephant Walk
    This is part of a herd of 50 elephants headed for a water hole in Etosha NP, Namibia.
    Meant for Each Other
    At Gold Harbor on South Georgia, king penguins were choosing mates.
    Near the city center of Reykjavick lies the ancient Holavallagarour Cemetery. Large gnarled trees, moss covered rocks and very old tombstones helped t...
    The Hallgrimskirkja Church, the largest in Iceland, dominates the skyline of Reykjavick.
    We passed by this sign near swans and ducks in Reykjavick.
    Contemporary statue in...
    A contemporary statue in Reykjavick reflecting the Viking era influence.
    Iguazu Falls Rainbow
    A rainbow on the Devil's Throat at Iguazu Falls, Argentina.
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