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    Foz, Portugal
    An inviting beach on the coast where the Douro River meets the Atlantic Ocean.
    Low Tide
    Broad flats are exposed during low tides at Mont Saint-Michel in northern France.
    Point Lobos
    Last light at this iconic California coastline.
    Santa Cruz
    Morning fog creates an eery scene at the boardwalk on Santa Cruz beach.
    Pure Joy
    My granddaughters covorting on the beach at Oceanside, California, on a January morning.
    Firey Sunset
    Intensely-colored sunset on the beach at Puerto Penasco, Sonora, otherwise known as Rocky Point.
    Sand Patterns
    A tiny shell nestles along a ridge in the patterned sand at Puerto Penasco, Sonora, aka Rocky Point.
    Rocky Point Dawn
    The sun created a lacey surf during a winter morning sunrise at Puerto Penasco, Sonora, aka Rocky Point.
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