About Me

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
My favorite stamp would have to be Japan. My husband and I have many wonderful memories of our times in Okinawa

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
South Island of New Zealand!

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My cameras, snacks, and hand santizer

Latest Activity
I'm a fan of
    Standing in Awe
    This shot is of my husband and I, stopping to stretch our legs outside of Te Anau, New Zealand.  We used the self-timer on our camera to capture t...
    Lake Matheson
    I took this photo during a recent trip to New Zealand's South Island.  The sun was just beginning to set, and the Earth was so still and ...
    Beneath the Surface
    I recently took a canoe trip through the Louisiana swamp.  While drifting beneath the moss-covered cypress trees, I noticed a disturbance just a ...
    This photo was taken on a recent trip to Panama City, Florida.  The warm Gulf waters were crystal clear, displaying various hues of blu...
    This image was captured while standing outside of one of the world's largest basilica's, Basilica de la Santa Cruz del Valle de los Caidos. The basil...
    Cactus Farm
    While in Cabo San Lucas, I stumbled upon a cactus farm.  I never knew there were so many different types of cactus plants! 
    Peaceful Sunset
    While going for a walk in Okinawa, my husband and I discovered a tiny cave along the beach.  From there, we watched the sun disappear into the ...
    Rainy Days
    A rainy day in Tokyo, Japan. 
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