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I've always enjoyed travel, not the process of travel necessarily, just being somewhere else. I love photographing other cultures and locales, actually it's more like an addiction. I've now been to thirty five countries on 5 continents. My favorite city for photography is Hong Kong. My favorite country for photography is Italy. And they are both my favorite place for food.

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
Too many favorites, but the most unusual has to be Bangladesh. I mean, how many people have been to Bangladesh?

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
I would still like to visit Viet Nam. It's on my "bucket list". So is the Moorish region of Spain, as is Eygpt.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
Zip lock baggies. There are a million uses for them when you travel. Also, and this is an obvious one, my camera.

Latest Activity
I'm a fan of
    Bridge at the Magic Lig...
    This photograph of a bridge on the canal in Omihachiman, Japan is a great example of what the magic light can do for a photograph. This is the immediate ...
    The Twelve Apostles ...
    The Twelve Apostles (actually only eight are still standing) are found near Port Campbell just off the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. They are...
    Sunrise Near Port Fairy
    I'm always up well before dawn to capture the first light of the day, the prettiest light for landscapes. This is a photo of the coast near Port Fairy jus...
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