About Me

I'm a 20-something military spouse who is currently in Italy. I love travel, photography and learning about new places and cultures.

Latest Activity
    Gates of Greece
    My quest when our cruise ship docked at Santorini, was to get some pictures of the famous blue domed buildings. I did indeed get pictures of tho...
    Forgotten Ballet Slippers
    Usually tourists visiting Venice don't make it over to San Michele, where the cemetery is. However, if you have time it is a must. There are sev...
    Wooden Shoes
    While browsing through the flower market in Amsterdam last winter, I happened along this row of wooden shoes. I really, really wanted to take a pair home as...
    Abandoned Beach
    The beaches in the French Riveria were amazing. This particular shot came from Villefranche-sur-Mer. I thin it's quite a testament to how am...
    Field of Poppies
    Since living in Italy, I've been obsessed with finding a field of beautiful red poppies to photograph. While in Tuscany this summer, I just so happened to...
    Royal Reflection
    While in London this summer the rain kept catching up with us throughout the day. On our way past the Royal Horse Guards, I noticed this puddle and the...
    Carnevale Character
    I always enjoy going to Carnevale in Venice to photograph all the different characters. Inevitably there is usually a crowd of photographers click...
    Face for Sale
    While strolling through Barcelona's famous La Boqueria market, my husband and I came across this interesting display of sheep faces for sale. I'm not s...
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