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    costa rica pictures
    our trip to costa rica 2010
    from China 2009
    What a beautiful country!  I can't wait to go back.
    cherry blossoms in China
    from our trip to China a couple of years ago
    a beach in costa rica
    Not exactly sure where we were, but we stopped for lunch at La Luna and had an awesome view!
    howler monkey
    A howler monkey hanging out at playa hermosa in costa rica
    ducks at Universal
    hogwarts snowman
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4 years ago
We went to see the new Harry Potter movie on Saturday night in IMAX, and let me say it was just awesome!  That inspired us to go to Universal Studios on Sunday morning.  I work for an airline, and my husband and I have annual tickets to the park, so it was a pretty cheap day.  We flew for three hour...
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