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    Kayaking at Coco Cay
    I was on a Royal Caribbean cruise in the Bahamas when I took this photo during a port stop in Coco Cay.  Some people were enjoying a day of kayaking in ...
    Charlotte Amalie, S...
    This is a photo of Charlotte Amalie, the capital and largest city of St. Thomas, USVI.  It is famous as a deep-water harbor that was once a hav...
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    This is a photo of Castillo de San Cristobal, a historic Spanish fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  It was completed in 1783 and covers about 27...
    Conch Shells in Key West
    These were some conch shells on sale at a shop in Key West.  It has become a symbol of this colorful town, also known as the "Conch Republic." ...
    Costa Maya
    This was at a secluded beach in Costa Maya, Mexico - typical of many beaches in the Caribbean with its swaying palm trees and white sand beaches.
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