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My digital camera(s), which are currently a Nikon D3000 and Coolpix S4. I am waiting for the next swivel-lens model to hit the market though.

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    Lion Dancers in Oaklan...
    During the 22nd annual Oakland Chinatown Streetfest, these two lion dancers leaped onto elevated stilts that were at least six feet off the ground. Amazing.
    Landing in Mazatlán
    If you look closely, you can see me kicking my feet. I'm not sure what I was hoping to accomplish -- staying up longer? avoid plummeting into the water? Onc...
    Parasailing in Mazatlán,...
    At least the wind covered up my screams when I tried parasailing in Mazatlán for the first time.
    A Reflection on the Fr...
    I shot this reflection just after a rain shower on Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France.
    London's Tower Bridge ...
    An unusual view of Tower Bridge as it's going up.
    Sea turtle
    A black sand beach on the southern coast of the Big Island has plenty of sea turtles.
    Big Island sunset
    Why is it that sunsets always seem so more spectacular while you're on an island?
    Big Island from the plane
    This is what you see from the plane as you're landing at the Kona airport on the Big Island. Not a bad way to start a beach vacation.
    Autumn in Central Park
    Autumn in Central Park
    Bay Bridge
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6 years ago
  Some people start off the new year with diets, exercise, and other lofty goals. I kicked off 2008 by visiting New Orleans for the first time and gorging myself for six glorious days. My friends and I stayed at the W in the French Quarter, an area that was remarkably untouched by Hurric...
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