About Me

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
Visiting Switzerland again - exploring the Swiss Alps more by concentrating on cities & towns surrouding them.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
I never leave for a vacation or weekend getaway without my Camera for documenting my trip & usually my sketchbook.

Latest Activity
    The bay from the fort
    Colorful caribbean views, as we look down on Marigot Bay on St. Martin from Fort Louis. Located on the French side of this island.  January 2010
    Oregon Sunset Glow
    Gorgeous glowing orange sunset on the Oregon Coast. Lincoln City, Oregon July 2010.
    Denali dressed in fall
    Beautiful fall colors decorate Denali National Park's tundra. First week of fall inside Denali's National Park & Preserve, Alaska. Aug 2010...
    Savage River
    Picture of the Savage River & the dramatic mountains & tundra surrounding it. Located inside Denali National Park & Preserve, Ala...
    Lake Mowich Reflection
    The side of Mt Rainier & it's reflection in Lake Mowich. Mt Rainier National Park, WA. Aug 2010
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