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My husband and I travel as much as we can (sometimes with my students). I love my three dogs (Leeloo, Keely, and Bridgette). I teach high school biology at a school for gifted and talented students.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
I never leave home without my camera! I just don't feel like the trip happened unless I have some photographic evidence!

Latest Activity
    Gullfoss Waterfall...
    Gullfoss waterfall is one of the major attractions of the 'Golden Circle' in Iceland. This was taken in August 2008. We were standing basically on the waterfall.
    Upper Antelope Canyon
    Upper Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ.  We went at 11am to catch the sunlight beams that come straight down through the slot canyon.
    Upper Antelope Canyon
    This was taken in Upper Antelope Canyon.  It is located just east of Page, AZ. 
    The Temple of the Four ...
    The Temple of the Four Winds is located on the grounds of Castle Howard.  Castle Howard is located just north of York in Yorkshire, England. 
    Castle Howard in Northe...
    The Temple of Venus on the grounds of Castle Howard located just north of York (Yorkshire in Northern England).
    Waikiki Beach
    Taken from the Moana Surfrider hotel on Waikiki beach, Honolulu, Hawaii. 
    Sunset over Lana'i
    Sunset over the island of Lana'i, Hawaii.
    Sunken Ship, Maui
    This was taken of a ship wreck about 100 feet under water.  This wreck is located off the coast of Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.  We were in a submarine at the ...
    Sumo wrestlers in Tokyo
    My students and I traveled to Tokyo in June 2008.  We stayed in Ryogoku, an area of Tokyo known for its Sumo wrestlers.  We saw these guys outside of our...
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