About Me

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
Myanmar. It went over my visa, which was my only out of dozens to have my color picture printed on it.

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
South America, particularly the Salt Flats of Bolivia.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
Fabulous clothing. Budget travel doesn't have to mean athletic sandals and cargo pants.

Latest Activity
    Smile of the Century
    Forbidden City, Beijing, June 2010. To see more photos and ready my travel writing, visit leaveyourdailyhell.com
    Life as We Know It
    For better of for worse, sex tourism is still among the driving economic forces of Pattaya, Thailand, Bangkok's beach resort. Visit ...
    The Dance
    Traditional dance ceremony to inaugurate the annual "Giant Lantern Festival" in San Fernando, Pamanga, The Philippines, December 2010. Visit ...
    Speed of Sound
    A flock of pigeons greets the morning in front of Mandalay, Myanmar's old city palace. Visit leaveyourdailyhell.com to see more and to ...
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