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    Looking to La Perla
    La Perla is a slum neighborhood outside of the northern historic city wall of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, stretching about 600 meters along the ro...
    La Coca Falls, El Yunque...
    The true sub tropical 'Rain forest' occupies very little area in Puerto Rico, only a single, crescent shaped, band on the windward side of the El Yunq...
    El Morro
    The first English inscription at El Morro, carved into the rock by Lt. J. H. Simpson and R. H. Kern in 1849, has a spelling error: "inscriptions" was ...
    The Yucca House at ...
    The Yucca House, located at Melrose Plantation on the Cane River Heritage Trail, was originally the main house on the property. Melrose was made of local mater...
    Boqueron, Puerto Rico
    Perfect sunset over Puerto Rico
    Bahia Salinas
    Boutique resort on the Southwest coast of Puerto Rico
    Kilauea Point
    Lone Kayaker
    Kayaker is Phang Nga Bay taking it all in
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3 years ago
You’re lying down on a terry cloth massage table as a skilled masseuse applies aromatic herbal infused massage oil to your weary body.  You sip a perfect ice cold Mai Tai and inhale the warm ocean air as you watch a crimson sun descend into the Andaman Sea, the sky becomes a canvas of vibrant reds, ...
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