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What's Your Next Dream Trip?
Italy and Greece! Never been there and can't wait for the experience.

Latest Activity
    Sunset at El Morro
    One of the many garitas at El Morro fort in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.
    Bryce Canyon
    Early morning views at Bryce Canyon, Utah
    Antelope Canyon
    Lower Antelope Canyon
    Grand Canyon
    Probably the most photographed natural wonder in the US.
    The Mittens
    'The Mittens' are one of the first (and most famous) formations you see as you enter the valley. Monument Valley is administered by the Navajo Nation, the ...
    The Gargoyles of Notre Dame are famous as decorative facade elements but they also serve a functional purpose of draining out rain water. The wat...
    Taos Pueblo
    Interestingly, Taos Indians (and my guess is all Indians) made entrances to their dwellings from the roof, accessed through ladders (a very common ...
    Akaka Falls
    The Hamakua coastline (on Big Island's northern shore) is full of lush green rain forests, pools, waterfalls and exotic tropical plants and...
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