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Oh, I hate these questions. I am a United Methodist pastor; my husband and I have 7 kids; I have 2 dogs who have me very well trained. I've been a lot of places, and have a very long list of places yet to go.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My camera, way too many extra batteries, seamless socks (no blisters!), and an intrepid travel partner named Craig.

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I'm a fan of
    Bread Delivery in Amalfi
    Dog-about-Town, Amalfi
    Positano From the Beach
    Positano from the beach.
    Colorful ceramics ...
    Amalfi Coast Highway
    Ravello: tempting ...
    Amalfi Coast Beach
    View from the approach
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6 years ago
My grandma always said that the women in our family were born wearing gypsy shoes, so it doesn’t surprise me that the love of travel has passed on to my children.  I married a man who loves to wander, too, so in June of 2008, six of us from our blended family headed for Italy.  After we visited Rome...
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