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    Buffalo Crossing
    A family of bison cross Nez Perce creek at Yellowstone National Park in 1991. The park is just beginning to recover from the massive forest fire of thre...
    Dawn of Battle
    The Gettysburg National Military Park is the site of this dawn photograph taken 150 years after the famous battle. Photograph altered to mimic an...
    Morada Sunglow
    A Morada is a church of specific design used by the Catholic Penitente sect  in northern New Mexico. This one (now privately owned ) in Arroyo Seco nort...
    Tree Sisters
    Redwoods at the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve outside of Guerneville, California. Even if you aren't a tree hugger, you will be in awe ...
    Bolinas Cliff View
    An incredible view of the Pacific Ocean from the cliffs just west of Bolinas, California. No guardrails.
    Evening in Bolinas, ...
    Bolinas is a quirky little town in Marin County across the bay from San Francisco and just to the east of Point Reyes. It has acheived fame for i...
    Sinai Desert Mosque
    Makads are the way-stations of the Sinai Desert, used by the Bedouin who travel the region. They are also visited by tour groups sponsored by...
    "Moonlight Madness" ...
    On "Black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving, the residents of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts (where Bill Cosby has a home) don't go to the mal...
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