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I work in the Emergency Room in Washington D.C. I love to travel and take pictures of everywhere and everthing. To me, life is documented through pictures. It tells your story even after you're gone. Photos would be the first thing I would save if there was ever a fire. You can't get all that time back.

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
Thailand. But, back to Chile I go.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My cameral and, check card of course, in case something happens to my camera, I can buy another.

Latest Activity
    The same Peacock i...
    The same peacock proudly displaying it's colors.
    Guard Peacock instead o...
    While walking in a neighborhood, I came upon this peacock that was used as a ''guard dog".   It worked too.  It wouldn't let me in ...
    Biggest Cabbage I...
    La Vega Market in Santiago Chile.  The heads of cabbage were bigger than my own head.
    My Family of Deer
    These are my "children" I feed every night.
    Young boy riding in...
    Early morning in Waikiki, a you boy also trying out the surf.
    Catching some early mor...
    A female surfer catching some waves at the breakwall by Kapiolani Park.
    Surfing in Oahu
    Just some surfers around the backside of Oahu
    Retired Space Shuttle w...
    The final journey.  The last shuttle to orbit the earth heads to NY after a fly-by over DC with a fighter plane protecting it, off to the side.
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