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I live to travel! I like the adventure, cultural aspects of every trip. Although for relaxation nothing can beat the beaches of Mexico. I have also volunteered for many years on medical missionary trips.

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    Sloth in Manuel Antonio Park.
    More Fun than a Family ...
    Family of Monkeys in the Manuel Antonio Park
    Capuchine Monkey
    Taken at Manuel Antonio Park
    Costa Rica Sunset 2
    Couldn't decide which was my favorite
    Costa Rica Sunset 1
    Taken from beach near Manuel Antonio
    Resplendid Quetzal
    The prize site of the Monteverde Cloud Forest
    Blue Morph Butterfly...
    Yes, this is really a sleeping Blue Morph Butterfly. You can only see the Blue when it is flying
    Don Pedro
    Meeting Don Pedro at his farm was one of the highlights of the Safari float down the Penas Blancas River
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4 years ago
The whole trip was the trip of a lifetime. We have put off going to CR only because we only get 1 week of vacation at a time....but I finally said lets just do it.....and I am glad we did. We used Costa Rica Expeditions to help plan the trip after lots of research. I finally looked at them because o...
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