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    Greek church
    The closer you look, the more you see- interesting colors, shapes and designs on a Greek church in the Peoloponesse region
    A window in Fiskardo,...
    Windows and doors were so pretty, in the Greek Islands
    Greek taverna
    One of the places we ate lunch during a week of sailing in the Ionian Islands, Greece
    Camping in the Pelopones...
    If I were ever persuaded to camp, this would be the place
    Rio Antirio Bridge, P...
    A very interesting bridge we crossed, while driving north along the Ploponesse coast, to the island of Lefkada
    A menacing looking boat
    This picture was taken in the Greek Ionian Islands, during a weeklong sailing trip
    Conch shell display a...
    It's worth renting a car for a day, just to drive to Da Conch Shack for lunch in a tropical paradise.
    Iguana sister
    Along the Willemstad waterfront, directly across the Otrabanda floating bridge, a man offered poses with his iguanas (for a fee, of course).  Sure...
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