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I live in Frisco, Colorado, where I report on the environment for the Summit Daily News. I'm currently working on a Best

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My sense of humor.

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    The candy palace
    Candy store keepers in Brignoles, France, prepare their premises for another busy day.
    Market day in Brignoles
    Leigh and I started our most recent European trip with a visit to relatives in Brignoles, France. The Provence town is just a short sidestep off the ma...
    New wine, new friends ...
    Stopping in for a quick sandwich isn’t always as easy as it seems. After hollowing out half of the fresh bread roll with his fingers, Marcello packs the...
    Ski Tracks in the Rockies
    A set of crosscountry ski tracks heading south from Frisco, Colorado across Dillon Reservoir seem to express the wide-open spaces of the Rocky Mountains.
    Kayaking in Ksamil Ba...
    During an evening stroll in Saranda, Albania, Leigh and I stopped in a small store, where I started to browse through a book with aerial photos of ...
    Sunday morning dominoes
    A group of men gather Sunday morning in Saranda, Albania for a friendly round of dominoes. After I tried out one of the few Albanian words I kn...
    Fancy ice cream
    Raindrops plop against the windows of the Number 3 tram as it rolls across the Nibelungen Bridge, spanning the Danube between Linz and Ur...
    A waffle quest
     Our bike marathon on the Dutch island of Texel was fueled by krokets, which seem terribly exotic until you realize that it's creamed mystery mea...
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5 years ago
Penguins ... but no polar bears! Sipping a Beagle beer at the Banana Bar in Ushuaia,Leigh and I contemplate the trip ahead. If everything we've heard about the Drake Passage is true, we figure this may be our last pint for quite a while.  We're about to board the M/V Professor Molchanov for a 10-d...
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