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    Traffic Jams and Open ...
    We went to South Africa to escape the rat race from the city. We had planned to do whale watching, shark diving, walking up mountains, the whole gamut. ...
    Please Give Me Some Lovi...
    So here I was in South Africa watching a one-month old hyena cub with her new relatives. We spotted the scene and happened by when the family was out. Th...
    Shining A Light On You
    No one really prepared me for the sun in South Africa. The light changes from moment to moment and the colors change from second to second. This sunri...
    Riding With A Penguin B...
    At Boulder's Beach on the peninsula in Simonstown, South Africa, you will be met by a colony of penguins who will be right next to you. As you wal...
    Monkey To Happiness
    This lemur was inches from my face in a monkey sanctuary in South Africa. The area was open, so we all strolled around while different primates jumped ...
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