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I've lived in Aspen, CO for 30 years, working full-time as a Medical Technologist in the Lab at the local hospital. I'm single, and my passion is travel. As a "worker-bee" (not a trust-funder), I must be careful in how I choose to spend my hard-earned travel $$. Budget Travel has been an excellent resource for me over the last several years.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My MP3 player, and my noise-cancelling headphones, and melatonin tabs. All 3 are essential components in my carry-on bag, helping to make even the "cattle-car" environment of a 20+ hour international flight in Coach almost pleasant. As a healthcare worker, I'm very aware how stressful constant, low-level noise can be. These 3 items help me arrive at my destination rested & rarin' to go!

Latest Activity
    "Chill out - not flat ...
    What happens to the poor endangered cassowary if drivers go too fast on this road in Daintree National Forest, N. Territory, Australia. 
    Beware of 'Stingers...
    Taken near a lovely, white sand beach in Cape Tribulation, N. Territory, Australia - gorgeous turquoise-blue water, palm trees, but not one soul to be ...
    Humps for 780 yds
    An unfortunate juxtaposition!  Taken in Ulster, N. Ireland.   I was taking a photo of the 'Humps..." sign (speed bumps to us America...
    Sign at Three Gorges Da...
    During our cruise on the Yangtze River in China, our tour group visited the Three Gorges Dam.  This sign was at the entrance - good thing I didn't brin...
    So you can only ride...
    Sign seen on the city wall surrounding Xi'an, China.  You could walk, or rent bicycles to ride around the 'old city' on top of the city wall, but it was mo...
    Cahir Castle, Ireland
    loved the juxtaposition of light and shadow and the various walls of the 'keep' of Cahir Castle
    Celtic Crosses, Ireland
    One of the 5 remaining Celtic "High" Crosses, located in Drumcliffe, Ireland.  The 'high' crosses were intricately carved with scenes of the life ...
    Giant's Causeway,...
    hexagonal, basaltic columns formed millions of years ago during a volcanic upheaval (OR...a pathway a giant built between Ireland and Scotland, where...
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