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Live for and love to travel. Looking for a travel buddy who does not need 5 star accomodations! I'm a novice photographe

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Ireland/Scotland/Wales or Turkey and

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A sense of adventure.....cameras, extra batteries, plug adapters and chargers!

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I'm a fan of
    Gypsy Dancer, Granada S...
    The area gypsies are world famous for their passionate dance. This video was shot in one of the gypsy caves in Granada hosting an evening of dance an...
    City Rhythm, Brussels ...
    This was filmed on a Saturday afternoon in the center of Brussels. April 2009.................. ENJOY!
    The Keukenhof, 2012
    Shot at the world famous Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, The Netherlands. This is an amazing place and a must see if you are in the area. Just a 30 minute train rid...
    Mt. Mansfield, Stowe Ver...
    Not yet peak foliage when I visited a friend in Vermont, but the scenery near Mt Mansfield was still impressive.
    View from the Tour Eiffel
    Shot from the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower, need to go to the top! The view from here was spectacular.
    The Marais Quarter, Paris
    Montmartre, Paris
    Paris.........H otel, Las...
    Feel like you have headed to Europe without leaving the States. This is the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada as seen from the Bellagio Hotel.
    The Mezquita, Cordoba S...
    8th Century Muslim architecture, this mosque is a labyrith of almost one hundred red and white striped arches. Inside is an amazing cathedral w...
    Santiago Calatrava...
    Here is an amazing bridge built by Santiago Calatrava Valls near the City of the Arts and Sciences complex in Valencia. Built in 1990's this is one ...
Text Blog
6 years ago
After convincing my friends, family and ultimately myself, that a solo trip to Holland would be an exciting adventure, I booked my flight for early September (2008). This trip was to be an “add-on” to the Mediterranean cruise I was taking with a single’s group that same week.   I decided to make a ...
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