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    Nature's Ink Blot
    Orchids just have the best designs. Taken in florida where they grow beatifully without much work.
    Whoooo's There
    While looking at a birds nest on top of an old TIKI hut in Islamorada Florida this little creature popped out to take in some sun. Very surprised he s...
    Perfect Pose
    Enjoying the sunset at Fiesta Key, FL with man's best friend. 
    Movie Memorabilia
    Humphrey Bogart & Katheryn Hepburn ring a bell on this boat.  Alive and doing tours in Key Largo Florida.  If you are fortunate to have a beautiful da...
    A moment in time!
    Beautiful end to a day off the coast in South Africa.
    Hold that Pose
    Picture taken on a safari in Kruger Park South Africa.
    Taking A Break
    Picture taken on safari in Kruger Park South Africa. Lucky to have spotted this beauty resting among the tall grass.
    It's Cold Out There!...
    Flying into Salt Lake City Utah a day after first snow of winter season this year.
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