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    Venice Grand Canal
    Stroll the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy
    Mountain Patrouille
    The mountain patrol works the Swiss Alps....
    The commanding presence of the Matterhorn is Zermatt is jaw dropping....
    Swiss Alps
    The Swiss Alps are some of the most amazing terrain in the world....
    A commanding presence in the city of Florence, Italy.
    Artists Masterpiece
    The sidewalk street art in Florence, Italy has spawned some of the most creative minds in history.
    Street Performers
    The golden faces of street performers in Italy
    Matterhorn the Great
    Trek the Matterhorn or just stand in its presence. 
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5 years ago
The overwhelming size of traditional “luxury” cruise liners and the swarms of over 3,000 people can be intimidating for travelers seeking a relaxing, educational or adventure cruise.  Recently, as a passenger on Royal Caribbean to the Greek Islands, I experienced the nerve-wracking conventional crui...
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