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I love traveling and photography. I try to take at least one trip a year, the latest was to the Pacific Northwest. I have a ton of photos from previous trips but most are on film so it may be a while before they get uploaded...

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
Each trip was so unique, it is impossible to decide!

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
Back to the Pacific Northwest to see it in the summertime.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
Without question, my camera! :)

Latest Activity
    Minihaha Falls, Georgia
    Waterfall shot from a recent trip to Northwest Georgia.
    Grand Canyon with snow
    Charleston SC snow
    Charleston SC snow
    Mountains of Oregon an...
    Mount St Helens, Mount Adams, Mount Hood, and Mount Ranier from the air.
    Mt. Hood
    Charleston SC snow
    Charleston SC snow
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