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    My wife Susan and I are big fans of architecture, art, good food and wine. So for our first trip to Spain we chose the city of Barcelona to make a...
    Our daughter Danielle always wanted to go to France. She even took French so she could speak the language for the day she would go to France. I told her...
    Cat in Rhodes
    I found this kitten in the back streets on the Greek island of Rhodes.
    Paris sunset
    Yhe sunset over Paris casts a glow over the Eiffel Tower.
    Portofino portrait
    The port of Portofino, Italy is filled with luxury yachts and small fishing boats.
    Gargoyle of Paris
    One of the gargoyles on the Cathedral of Notre Dame keeps a watch over Paris.
    Visions of Venice
    A lone gondola is gliding across the water in this Venice canal near our apartment in the Dorsoduro section of Venice.
    Santa Maria
    The church of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy.
    Coast of Croatia
    The city of Dubrovnik, Croatia.
    Venice village
    Venice looks like a toy village when viewed from above.
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