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I am a 7th grade Science teacher who has traveled a little, but would love to travel some more.

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
Germany, mostly because it is my newest, but it is also only one of two since Canada and Mexico don't count.

What's Your Next Dream Trip?

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My iPod. I need to be able to tune people out. It sounds bad, but its true.

Latest Activity
    Strablenberg Cafe
    My friends and I rented cars in Frankfurt for two reasons.  One, to drive as fast as we wanted to on the Autobahn and two, to visit some castles ...
    Austrian Sunset
    On a day trip to Salzburg, Austria, my friends and I were hit with a nasty rain and hail storm.  Needless to say, the pictures were few and far between...
    Radiance in Freiburg
    Right behind the Black Forest hostel in Freiburg Germany was a trail that led up to what we were told was an easy hike that led to a picturesque view of...
    Dachau, located just outside of Munich surrounded by a neighborhood (someone explain how they didn't notice what was happening), was a N...
    East Side Gallery
    On one section of the Berlin Wall exists a public art gallery.  During the separation of Berlin there existed art on the opposite part of th...
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