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I have a website where I write my travel essays:

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
I collect National Park passport stamps. My most recent acquisition is for Lake Roosevelt in Washington state.

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
I'm planning on checking out the Oregon coast again next year, but my dream trip would be to the national park sites in the Pacific -- Guam and American Samoa.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
I should say my camera, but I've forgotten it before. I once drove all the way to the top of the volcano in Haleakala National Park and have nothing to show for it except some (admittedly nice) memories.

Latest Activity
    Winter Falls - Palouse
    The 185-foot Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington, seen here on Dec. 7, 2010
    Snow on Fire
    A burned hillside above the Wenatchee River in Washington is covered in falling snow and descending cloud on November 20, 2010.
    Rainier Woods
    It's hard to resist paths. This one winds below the volcano at Mount Rainier National Park.
    Gettysburg Crown
    This is the view from Little Round Top at Gettysburg National Military Park, with the statue of Gen. Gouverneur Warren overlooking the ...
    Casa Grande Canopy
    I don't know what's more striking at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument in Arizona -- the ancient structure itself or the modern canopy built to protect it...
    Mesa Verde (Green)
    Most photos I see of Mesa Verde look pretty barren, showing only the structures, but my memory of a visit there is walking down a slick path lined wit...
    Oregon Woods - Oregon Ca...
    Of all things national park, I think forests are my favorite -- and the hardest to photograph. Most of us can get a good photo of a mountain or the s...
    La Push Coast - Olympic...
    The Washington Coast, just north of La Push, and part of Olympic National Park. Taken in October 2009.
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