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    Floor to Ceiling Color
    Layers of late autumn color and texture in rural southwestern Pennsylvania.
    One Way Except Bicycles
    Several streets in this small town in the Piedmont region of Italy displayed this sign:  One Way Except Bicycles!
    The Golden Lamb
    Beautiful handcrafted sign for "The Golden Lamb" hotel in Rothenberg, Germany.
    Art Studio in Italy
    An art & ceramic studio and gift shop in a tiny, ancient street in Dolceaqua, Italy in the Liguria region. 
    Wild Boar Today
    On the menu today..."Wild Boar with Polenta".  Seen outside a small restaurant in Orvieto, Italy.
    Quartiere di Serancia
    Sign for one of the ancient quarters of the city or Orvieto, Italy.  Fascinating history and architecture on every street! 
    San Juan Harbor
    Early morning sailing in San Juan Harbor.
    St. Maarten Balcony
    Brightly painted and decorated house on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten.
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