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I have worked for a major US-based airline for the past 15 years, so I travel frequently (every couple weeks) for business or for pleasure. I am not a flight attendant (a common assumption since I am female), and am in actuality a Research Analyst for my airline. Travel, photography, and reading are my passions; all of which mesh together rather nicely :_

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
Greece, definitely. It had been on my "List of Places to Go in Life" for so long ... when I finally went there, I was beyond happy! I've since been there 4 times!

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
Croatia, Montenegro, and other countries along the Adriatic coastline.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My digital camera, and a book!

Latest Activity
    Bridal Veil Falls, ...
    Bridal Veil Falls and the Black Bear Pass jeeping trail at the end of the valley outside of Telluride, Colorado.
    Bluebells in the San J...
    Bluebells in bloom on Corkscrew Gulch, a Jeeping trail near Red Mountain Pass in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado.
    Medieval Old Town, Tal...
    The medieval Old Town area of Tallinn, Estonia. 
    Charles Bridge, ...
    The Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic
    Hungarian Parliamen...
    The Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary, seen from the Széchenyi Bri dge.  The "Chain" bridge isguarded by...
    Rugged coast at Point ...
    The Pacific Ocean crashing against the rugged coast at Point Loma, near San Diego, California.
    Fall foliage in Bellev...
    A unusually bright tree in fall colors, next to an even more unusual cannon, Bellevue, Washington.
    Blarney Castle, Ireland
    Blarney Castle and its surrounding gardens, Ireland.
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