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I enjoy biking, photography, computers & electronics, reading, good food and good friends. I also like visiting new places but necessarily getting there.

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
Somewhere tropical, with warm clear water, sandy beaches, and shade.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My camera.

Latest Activity
    Lakeland Solitude
    Favorite past times in upper Wisconsin and the upper Michigan Pennisula are spending time on a lake, preferably in a cabin. In the evening, when all of the fis...
    San Francisco Stroll
    A little stroll down one of the piers of the San Francisco bay area on a warm November day seems just the thing in the late afternoon as the sun begins descendi...
    Edinburgh at Night
    An evening shot of Edinburgh Scotland. The tall structure to the left of center is the Scott Monument. You can climb up inside it, you aren't faint of hea...
    Jubilee Storefront
    A store display window in Oxford England, was really decked out for the queen's 60th Diamond Jubilee celebration. Cutouts of the queen, Prince Harry, and a...
    Lake Sunrise
    Sunrise photo of Lake Mendota in Late September. The lake provides sailing, sail boarding, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, and swimming as well as...
    Scottish Guards
    Scottish guards walking along the walls of Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh Scotland. Their uniforms are the picture of elegance and all of those we saw...
    Windsor Castle View
    After arriving in Windsor by train we exited the train station via a shopping mall and rounded the corner and ran right into our hotel. The hotel's ...
    Rose's Cottage
    Rose's Cottage. Another thatched roof attraction located in Cockington England, in the Devon region. I first noticed it when a horse drawn carriage pulled up ...
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